About Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre

The Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre has been managing rehabilitation projects since 1994 and strives to create and maintain an environmentally friendly rehabilitation centre.

The project provides Environmental Education and conservation of Cheetahs (vulnerable), Servals (threatened), Caracal (of concern) and African wildcat (rare).

The Centre offers up close and personal tours with the animals as well as a chance to learn more about these endangered species. The more tame Cheetahs go on walks with the visitors. You will be allowed to view and photograph these amazing animals. Educational tours are offered daily as well as informative talks which are given by an experienced guide.

The Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre cares for cats that have been orphaned or injured in the wild and are in need of care. The centre also aims to breed these animals and release them back into the wild in order to restore their numbers.

The Visions and main aims of this centre are:

  • To have the projects create job opportunities for the local community and to create wildlife awareness.
  • To provide and maintain an aesthetic wildlife centre which is environment friendly.
  • To conform to accepted standards, procedures and guidelines according to the KZN Wildlife Services.

Adopt a cat Project

By Adopting an animal under the care of the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre, you can help raise funds for the well-being of the animals in captivity. This is a system that it is implemented by similar organisations around the world and it aids the organisation a great deal.

These donations will assist in improving the quality of the cat's stay at the centre. The Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre's aim is to not have these animals kept in captivity and so when the amount of animals increases and there are too many, they are released.

If you participate in the Adopt a cat project, you will be allowed to visit the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre for free for the duration of your support. You will also receive a participation certificate and be informed on the progress of the cat via e-mail.

Tour times:

Mornings: 10h30 Daily
Afternoons (includes feeding):
Summer: 16h30 Daily
Winter: 16h00 Daily (May, June, July, August)

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